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38000 - Santa Elisabetta (AG)

Tel: 00923007656645
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Company Profile


Since 1985 as Manufacturer, Processor & Exporters of woven Fabrics and

Made-ups of qualities 100% cotton and blends in plain weave, Twill and

sateen, available from 36” to 120” finish widths.


“ NOOR FATIMA FABRICS ( PVT) LTD. With Export Reg. No. W - 057058 ”

Basically a Printing, Dyeing & Bleaching Textile Mills, meeting

requirements of his customers of all ranges from low to fine qualities.

Our unit fully equipped with most rationalized instruments i.e. Singeing,

Continues Bleaching, Mercerizing, Jiggers & Thermo sole for Dyeing. Our

permanent finishes followed by “ Famtex and Artos” stenters with in-let

and out-let Boeing control. We also have raising for Flannel fabrics. Our

final touch to our finishes is by Cotton Bowl ( Friction ) Calendar.


We are the leading company who introduce, ACTIGUARD / ANTI-BECTERIAL

finish from Pakistan.

STITCHING: our Stitched Products as follow.

Optical White Bed sheets for Hospitals and Hotels, Bed Sets, Flat sheet,

Fitted sheets, Fitted Valance, Base Valance, Pillow covers, Mattress

Covers, Quilt Covers, Pillow Shells and many more for our Customers



Due to having a vast set up and all fulfillment procedure under one roof

( From Processing to Stitching ) our monthly production is approx. 4.00

million meters.

BANKERS: Our performance could be checked from our Bankers:

1-PICIC COMMERCIAL BANK, Faisalabad-Pakistan, A/C No. 2330-10

Fax No. 0092-41-645480


Due to excellent quality and well managed system of work, we have

obtained ISO 9002 CERTIFICATE. We also have “ Oko-tex 100 “

certifications for our quality products.

For 100% Cotton Products “OKO-TEX” Nr. 0112058

For Blended Cotton Products “OKO-TEX” Nr. 0201002

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