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Experienced staff with knowledge and contacts in local markets for piping materials are supported with corporate functions of technical management and quality assurance. Kurvers Piping Group's project coordinators have local experts available within other Kurvers offices with several spoken languages and strong relationships with a worldwide network of tested suppliers and service companies. A single point of contact (one-stop-shopping) is available regardless of whether dedicated materials or complex packages of different items and materials are ordered. We make sure that only reliable suppliers are considered. Our experts take great care of meeting technical specifications, about mixing materials from mills and stockists and select the best supplier based on quality, price and available capacity. We take care of documentation, inspection, logistics and any other additional services like coating, marking or special packaging. We are able to integrate with client IT structures and can post documents onto websites in for example PDF or Word formats as required. But project coordinators at Kurvers are also able to deal with any kind of change during the lifetime of a project and resolve urgently issues raised. You will realise that we understand service as a promise not only given at the beginning but fulfilled during the entire life of your project.

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