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Who we are, What we do

The original Venice Real Estate SRL was established over 17 years ago- the first name was “ INTERMEDIA” - and over the period of its history has had various guises and locations.

The current agency ” VENICE REAL ESTATE SRL” is located in premises immediately near S.Marco Square and employs a staff of 4 plus Studio dott. Franco Bombassei , offering a comprehensive range of property services with the highest standards of customer care.

Since customers of Venice Real Estate Srl are often resident outside Italy, Venice Real Estate Srl, is well placed to recommend leading solicitors, bankers and insurers to overseas customers, in order to provide the professional means by which a transaction may be completed.

The Interior Design Studio FADIT of Venice is vastly experienced and available to provide plans or advise on interior decoration requirements.

Venice Real Estate Srl can prepare property sales brochures, and book advertising space on behalf of the client through the Italian Network. This enables Venice Real Estate Srl to offer extremely competitive rates for the placing of advertisements in key publications.

These services include residential sales, lettings and property management, country house sales and new developments and investments.

We are delighted to present a selection of the extensive range of properties currently available in the Venice Real Estate Srl portfolio. You will see that there are a variety of property types and locations but they share the common theme of quality, true to the Venice Real Estate Srl brand.

Combined with an impeccable service and highly experienced staff for which Venice Real Estate Srl is renowned, provides a multi-disciplined range of Estates Agency Services.

Emphasis is placed on providing outstanding customer service with a unique combination of exclusive sought after properties.

Whether you're looking for an elegant pied-à-terre or palace in Venice or a grand seat, my be Palladian Villa in the Veneto country, Venie Real Estate's property portfolio database is designed to make your search all the more easy.

To view the properties we are currently marketing, simply select the property service you require, in www.venicerealestate.it web site, – clic small lions- and then select the applicable search options.

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