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Founded in 1960 today has a modern production facility on the Como lake that covers over 6000 square meters.

Since 2004 belongs to the Hong Kong based company DEFOND, a world market leader in the production of electric components for electric appliances; the new company set up allows Ode to offer a complete solution package and not just product.

ODE since 1997 ODE's production quality system has received the ISO 9001 : 2000 .


Solenoid valves with different connection sizes, from 1/8" up to 2". The valves' bodies are manufactured in brass, bronze, stainless-steel, special alloys, as well as in plastics.. The sealing components are made of a variety of materials: from PTFE to ruby, from NBR to EPDM, FKM, etc., and can be used, according to the different applications, for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +180°C.Coils are available in any AC and DC voltage, and can be supplied in a latching version as well. Furthermore ODE has Eex approved versions (for potentially explosive atmospheres)


ODE's present production is directed to many different industrial market sectors, such as: carwash , coffee, vending, heating, medical, pneumatics, compressors, air treatment, water treatment, other


High quality products for guaranteed performance; Reliable supply and after-sales services; High flexibility in the manufacturing process in order to meet any customers' needs; ·Competitive prices; In-house design and construction of special block valves tailored for specific customers' needs; system concept, coupling valves with electric and electronic components to serve the customer needs.

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