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Key-Med Medical Devices Ltd
We are a dynamic United Kingdom Company founding from the long-standing experience members in the bio-medical industry. The main activity ofKey-Med Ltd is the development, manufacturing and marketing of disposable medical devices. Our mission is to offer the highest reliability in terms of quality and service to our customers through a quick-responding organization and a broad product portfolio.
Link: www.key-med.eu
Mail: info@key-med.eu

Prodotti e Servizi

Anaesthesia & Analgesia
•        Central venous catheters
•        Peripheral central venous catheter (PICC)
•        Plexus and Peripheral nerve blocks
•        Spinal Needles 
•        Spinal Kit 
•        Procedural Kit 
 Infusion & Oncology Therapy
•        Pumps for continuous infusion with and with or without bolus in PVC
•        Infusion Set - Flow Controllers - Extension Line - Stopcock with or without Extension Line
•        Intravenous catheters - Ramps with or without Extension Line - Luer Lock Cap
•        Huber needles and sets
•        Bags for total parenteral nutrition 
 Custom Procedure Packs
•        A hospital or surgeon specific set of disposable medical products provided in a single packed  sterile  format.  
         Custom Procedure Packs for various  surgical procedures to  Operating Rooms and Clinician's for Hospitals,
         Clinics and Care Homes 
 Dental Line
•      We believe that this new distinctive line for material quality used and their design, will provide another support
        and an original guarantee to high our products quality. Out of print line. On request, KEY-MED Ltd can offer
        various products types, such as Dental Syringes, Applicators & Amalgam Carriers, Cotton Pliers & Tweezers,
        Mouth Mirrors & Handles, Prober & Explorers, Filling Instruments, Spatulas, Crown Removers, etc. 
All of our references are EEC certified and thanks to an advanced production technology, the use of highly bio-compatible materials and the excellent level of safety of our products, we are proud to say that we can offer one of the best product-mix for single use medical devices. 

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